Analisis Arsitektur & Fungsional OpenBravo 3.0 ERP dan Penerapannya Menggunakan Metode EUP

Erwin Yulianto, Amras Mauludin

Abstracts — Technology is no longer considered only as a supplement, but it has become one of the determinants on the implementation of the company’s business objectives or strategy. Open Bravo 3.0 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an integrated information system that can accommodate the needs of specific information for each of the different departments in a company. Open Bravo version 3.0 is available not only commercial, but also already available in the open source version. Many of the methodology used in the development of information systems, including the EUP (Enterprise Unified Process). EUP not only handle the software development cycle, but covers the entire life cycle of IT and enterprise management adds discipline to perform cross-system to the needs of an enterprise architecture.

Index Terms — Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Unified Process (EUP), Integrated Information System, Business Process, Open Source

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